Confocal Laser-Scanning-Microscope Zeiss LSM 510 META

The Zeiss LSM 510 META is based on the Axiovert 200M tripod. For live cell imaging, the microscope is equipped with an environmental control system (PECON) for CO2 and temperature regulation.

Technical specifications:

  • Objectives: 100x/1.30 oil, 63x/1.2 water, 40x, 10x
  • 2 PMT, 1 spektral META detector (32 channels Hamamatsu PMT Array)
  • Software: Zeiss LSM software 3.5 plus various add-on modules (kinetic, FRET, FRAP, 3D)


  • 458/477/488/514 nm argon laser
  • 405 nm dioden laser
  • 561 nm dioden laser
  • 633 nm dioden laser